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Courses overview, academic year 2023/2024
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CodeSchoolDepartmentnumber of available courses
detail 27-J RX Jabok 142
detail 27-PSP RX Department of Social Work 99
detail 27-PT RX Department of Practical Theology 82
detail 27-R RX Department of Religious Studies 44
detail 27-CD RX Department of Church History 49
detail 27-NZ RX Department of New Testament Studies 99
detail 27-TE RX Department of Theological Ethics 48
detail 27-CJ RX Lecturers of modern languages 31
detail 27-F RX Department of Philosophy 39
detail 27-IES RX Institute of oecumenical studies 60
detail 27-EI RX Ecumenical Institute 29
detail 27-ETS RX Evangelikální teologický seminář 70
detail 27-SZ RX Department of Old Testament Studies 80
detail 27-ETF RX Protestant theological faculty 32
detail 27-SYST RX Department of Systematic Theology 44
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