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Elementary mathematics - OB2310206
Title: Elementární matematika
Guaranteed by: Katedra matematiky a didaktiky matematiky (41-KMDM)
Faculty: Faculty of Education
Actual: from 2019
Semester: winter
E-Credits: 2
Examination process: winter s.:
Hours per week, examination: winter s.:0/1, C [HT]
Capacity: unknown / unknown (999)
Min. number of students: unlimited
4EU+: no
Virtual mobility / capacity: no
State of the course: not taught
Language: Czech
Teaching methods: full-time
Teaching methods: full-time
Is provided by: OPBM2M103A
Explanation: Rok1
Old code: EM1
Note: course can be enrolled in outside the study plan
enabled for web enrollment
priority enrollment if the course is part of the study plan
Guarantor: prof. RNDr. Naďa Vondrová, Ph.D.
Mgr. Derek Pilous, Ph.D.
Class: Matematika 1. cyklus - povinné
Classification: Mathematics > Mathematics General
Interchangeability : OB2310001, O02310001
Is co-requisite for: OB1310012
Is pre-requisite for: OB1310068, OB1310005, OB2310020, OB2310006, OB2310261, OB2310262
Is interchangeable with: OKB2310206, OB2310001
Annotation -
Standard problems from secondary mathematics from six chosen areas, whose solution is a necessary prerequisite for further study in mathematics.
Last update: JANCARIK/PEDF.CUNI.CZ (19.05.2010)
Aim of the course -

The goal is to revise and deepen some basic knowledge from secondary mathematics.

Last update: JANCARIK/PEDF.CUNI.CZ (19.05.2010)
Literature -

Course in Moodle:

- problem books from secondary mathematics
- Hejný, M., Stehlíková, N. Elementární matematika (rovnice, teorie čísel, kombinatorika, planimetrie). UK v Praze, PedF, Praha, 2000.
- Hejný, M., Stehlíková, N. Elementární matematika, část II (algebraické výrazy, posloupnosti a řady, pravděpodobnost, stereometrie). UK v Praze, PedF, Praha, 2001.

Last update: Tůmová Veronika, Mgr., Ph.D. (22.09.2015)
Teaching methods -

Seminars, consultations.

Last update: JANCARIK/PEDF.CUNI.CZ (19.05.2010)
Requirements to the exam -

Final test.

Last update: Havelková Veronika, PhDr., Ph.D. (15.09.2013)
Syllabus -

The content of the course consists of the following topics:
- equations and unequalities (from secondary school) - first 6 lessons
- predicate calculus (lessons 7 to 9)
- writing sets (lessons 10 to 12)

Last update: Tůmová Veronika, Mgr., Ph.D. (22.09.2015)
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