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Anatomy - EA0902001
Title: Anatomie
Guaranteed by: Ústav anatomie (14-10)
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen
Actual: from 2020
Semester: winter
Points: 18
E-Credits: 18
Examination process: winter s.:
summer s.:
Hours per week, examination: winter s.:4/3, C [HT]
summer s.:4/3, C+Ex [HT]
Capacity: winter:unknown / unknown (unknown)
summer:unknown / unknown (unknown)
Min. number of students: unlimited
4EU+: no
Virtual mobility / capacity: no
Key competences:  
State of the course: cancelled
Language: English
Teaching methods: full-time
Teaching methods: full-time
For type:  
Note: for a repeated registration for Course credit + Exam, the student must have the Course credit exam passed
Guarantor: doc. RNDr. Pavel Fiala, CSc.
Incompatibility : EAP0201010
Interchangeability : EAP0201010
Is co-requisite for: EA0903003, EA0904010, EA0903015, EA0904471, EA0905370, EA0903010
Is interchangeable with: EAP0201010
Annotation -
Anatomy for Dentistry

Anatomy as one of the basic medical disciplines gives the necessary knowledge of the normal structure,tissues and organs of the human body.
1st year -Wt:Systemic anatomy of the locomotor,gastropulmonary and urogenital system
-St: Systemic anatomy of the cardiovascular and nervous systems and of the sense organs.
Topographic anatomy (3rd year)deals with special anatomy of the head and neck important for the clinical dentistry.
Last update: Petrášek Michal, PhDr., Ph.D. (15.11.2017)
Literature - Czech




1. Platzer W.: Color Atlas of Human Anatomy. Vol: 1. Locomotor System Thieme. 2015

2. Fritsch H., Kuehnel W.: Color Atlas of Human Anatomy. Vol.2. Internal Organs.2015

3. Kahle W., Frotscher M.: Color Atlas of Human Anatomy. Vol.3. Nervous System and

                Sensory Organs. Thieme.  2010

4. Dauber W.: Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy. Thieme. 2007 (or newer ed.)






1. Netter F. H.: Atlas of Human Anatomy. Saunders. 2007 (or newer ed.)

2. Valenta J., Fiala P.: Central Nervous System. Overview of Anatomy, Karolinum 2012

Last update: Petrášek Michal, PhDr., Ph.D. (15.11.2017)
Requirements to the exam



The exam consists of three parts:


  1. Written test comprises: 25 questions (MCQ, fill in the blanc and completing drawings) – equal 100 marks.


    Passing mark is 70 %.


    The students who get 64 marks or less, are not allowed to sit for the exam earlier than after two weeks. The number of attempts is limited, after the third  failure the student loses the term. This limitation is also valid for the following exams.


  2. Practical part follows a successfully completed part one and comprising 12 labeling questions  (identification of anatomical structures)


    Passing mark is 70 %


  3. Oral exam comprising 3 questions follows the successfully completed parts one and two.


    Failure in the part two and three results in losing the term!


    The written exam is held in Prochaskuv ústav building at given time for each week (please always check the time in advance, not later than on Thursday of the week before the exam).

    For technical reason not all the students passing the written test can be examined on the same day but during that week: Use of any unanthorized aids (mobile phones, printed or written materials etc.) result in failure of the exam and disciplinary action (art. 19, subs. 10 of the Study rules and regulations).

    In case of serious reasons the students can excuse from the exam by sending an e-mail to

    Excuses to not attend an exam should be announced before  commencement of the examination (for exceptional cases could be next day after exam date by submitting documents ( medical reports, etc.)

    If there is no evidence of excuses by student  for any part of exam he/she loses the term.

    If the student passes the test and was not successful in oral exam, can ask for another date for reexamination, by writting an e-mail to

Last update: Švamberková Hana (25.05.2018)
 Syllabus of Lectures and Practical Sessions in Winter Semester
Week  Lecture          Practicum
2. 10 . –  8. 10. Introduction to gross anatomy Anatomical terminology                Connective tissues                                                       Basic terms in embryology 
Bone structure
Skeleton of the upper extremity
9. 10. – 15. 10. Arthrology, different types of joints                                   General aspects of the pelvis Bones of the hand                                 Skeleton of the lower extremity
16.10. – 22.10. Axial skeleton                                        Joints and ligaments of the vertebral column                 Skeleton of thorax              Bones of the foot                                              Vertebrae, ribs and sternum
23.10. – 29.10. General myology                                              Fascial spaces of the limbs                                                       Joints of the upper  extremity                                      Exam – bones
30.10. – 5.11. Development and structure of the skull                                                             Skull of the newborn    Temporomandibular joint      Joints of the lower extremity – completion                                                  Muscles of the upper extremity                                              Reexam – bones
6.11. – 12.11. Sexual dimorfism of the skull                                Muscles of the back – review                              Muscles of the thorax and abdomen        Muscles of the lower extremity                Exam – joints of the extremities 
13.11. – 19.11.  Weak spaces of the abdominal wall                                                    Pelvic diaphragm                                         Muscles of the head and neck    Skull: neurokranium – part I                Reexam – joints of the extremities
20.11. – 26.11. Development and general strucure of the digestive tract                                      Oral cavity Skull: neurokranium – part II                         Temporal bone                                                  Exam – muscles of the extremities
27.11. – 3.12. The teeth: structure, occlusion, eruption                                           Oral cavity, salivary glands Skull: splanchnokranium                                 Skull considered as a whole                              Reexam – muscles of the extremities
4.12. – 10.12. Pharynx and branchial organs Oesophagus, stomach and intestines  Oral cavity, salivary glands and pharynx                                          Exam – skull
11.12. – 17.12. Liver and pancreas              Abdominal cavity              Respiratory system – structuring Oesophagus, stomach, small and large intestine                                                        Liver and pancreas                                            Abdominal cavity                                   Reexam – skull
18.12. – 24.12. Nasal cavity, larynx                                  Trachea and bronchi Upper respiratory tract and larynx, Trachea bronchi
3.1. – 7.1. Lungs and segments of the lungs                                    Pleura  Lungs and pleural cavity
8.1. - 14. 1. Urinary system,
Kidney, excretory organs
Exam – digestive system,                     Credit administration
    doc. Dr. Pavel Fiala, CSc.
Pilsen, 25. 9. 2017   Department of Anatomy

Syllabus of Lectures and Practical Sessions in Summer Semester


Week Lecture Practical sessions
20. 2. - 24. 2. Genital organs Urinary tract                                  Exam - Respiratory system
27. 2. - 3.3. Structure of the Circulatory system                                    Heart Male and female genital organs Reexam - Respiratory system
6. 3. - 10. 3. Aorta                                    Arterial system - review Heart - Surface anatomy, interior. Pericardium, RTG and vessels of the heart.
13. 3. - 17. 3. Venous system Arteries of the head.
Neck and thorax.
Exam - Urogenital system
20. 3. - 24. 3. Spleen                                   Lymphatic system Arteries of the abdomen and pelvis                              Reexam - Urogenital system
27. 3. - 31. 3. Peripheral nervous system                           Spinal nerves - review                Cranial nerves I - II Venaecavae. Portal vein.
Spleen. Portocaval
and cavocaval anastomoses.
3. 4. - 7. 4. Cranial nerves - III - X Spinal nerve - structure                          Spinal nerves - Part I                               Exam - Heart + Arterial system
10. 4. - 14. 4. Cranial nerves XI-XII
Autonomic nervous systém
    Spinal nerves - Part II                                   Reexam - Heart + Arterial system                 
17. 4. - 21. 4. Central nervous system - structure                                              Spinal cord Cranial nerves I - VI                         Exam - Veins and Lymphatic system
24. 4. - 28. 4. Brain stem - Part I Cranial nerves VII - XII 
Reexam - Veins and Lymphatic system 
1. 5. - 5. 5. Brain stem - Part II  Diencephalon Autonomic nervous system.
Spinal cord.
Exam - PNS
 8. 5. - 12. 5. Telencephalon Brain stem. Diencephalon. Ventricles, meninges and blood supply of the CNS.                                         Reexam - PNS
15. 5. - 19. 5.  Ventricular system                   Meninges and blood supply of the CNS                                                 Neural pathways - part I Brain sections
22. 5. - 26. 5.  Neural pathways - part II Exam - CNS                                          Credit administration
Pilsen 25. 2. 2017   doc. Dr. Pavel Fiala, CSc.                     Head of the Anatomy department
Last update: Petrášek Michal, PhDr., Ph.D. (16.11.2017)
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