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    Login CAS using credentials is for:
    • active students,
    • applicants who have already been assigned login credentials CAS (Central Authentication Service of Charles University).
    The applicants who have already applied and their application has been registered by the Student Affairs Office have been informed about their new login credentials CAS (by a pop-up window and e-mail) after logging into the “Admission procedure” module.

    Login using a registered e-mail address is for:
    • applicants with no assigned login credentials CAS who have registered their e-mail address regardless of their application submission status.

    Registration of new applicants is for:
    • new applicants who have not yet registered their e-mail address.

    Non-login access:
    • an anonymous access session which cannot be used to submit applications; it makes it possible to browse the admission procedure requirements and offered study programs.

    Important notice

    Login via Single Sign On allowing seamless switching between IS UK applications that support this kind of authentification, without having to re-login again.

    Important notice

    To log in, please use the email you have provided during registration. Please use your contact email (which can be used to replace the original email address pre-filled in your electronic registration form) for communication with the registrar's office only.

    Important notice

    Registration of new applicants is for the applicants who have not yet registered their e-mail address.


    • Anonymous access does not allow application submission and other active operations