- Assignment annotation
Students can insert annotations of their thesis in Czech and in English, attach files to this work or delete the attachments.
The possibility to attach files is given by the parameters evidkp, evidkp_anotace and vkladani_pdf set in the application Správa SIS/Konfigurace. The default value of these parameters is "false".
  1. Edit thesis - a possibility to change the language of the thesis and the following data:
    • Keywords - the (Czech) keywords to find the thesis by
    • Keywords in English - the same in English
    • Annotation - a brief text (in Czech) intended to attract a potential reader of the thesis. It is not a part of any official document.
    • Annotation in English - the same as annotation, only in English
      • Here you can use a hyperlink - e.g.: http://www.erudio.cz/doc/?apl=dipl_st
  2. Files attached to the thesis - you can attach the following files of arbitrary format:
    • thesis
    • attachments to the thesis
    • annotation (in Czech)
    • annotation (in English)
    • press 2393.png to view the file
    • press 2204.png to delete the file
    • Action Attach a file - opens a browser to attach your file
      • Type of the file - choose one of the enabled types written above
        there can be at most one file of each type
      • File - attach a file by the icons 2419.png2420.png
      • Press Save to save (upload) the chosen file