- Teacher's survey
Teacher's survey is a tool by which a teacher of a course can learn an opinion of the students on a particular question. The survey can be created by a guarantor of the course, or a teacher set in the schedule. The page of the teacher's survey is composed of two parts:
  • Faculty - choose from the list
  • Teacher - choose from the list of teachers who hold an actual survey
  • Course - choose from the list of courses to which an actual survey is held
  • 2360.png - switches the ordering of the courses: by title or by code
  • 2357.png - opens a calendar to set the dates
  • Starts - from when the survey is held
  • Expires - until when the survey is held
  • Filter - for students only - choice of courses: all/enrolled for
Show displays all surveys satisfying the criteria set in the filter.

Table - action:
  • 1404.png - opens a page for Evaluation - only for students enrolled for the courses!
  • 2482.png - opens a page with Results of a teacher's survey
  • 1596.png - you have already answered the question
  • code - click on the course's code to read the details of the course from the Courses module