- Editor with preview
In the text-editor, you can change the text style just by clicking on an icon. You can write simply almost as in the Microsoft Word.
Click on the buttons and write to create a graphically more complicated headings and texts.
Buttons which might be on the panel:
1733.pngInserts a text in boldface.
1734.pngInserts a text in italics.
1735.pngInserts an underlined text.
1736.pngInserts a strikethrough text.
1737.pngAligns the text.
1738.pngCreates a list.
1739.pngIndents the text.
1740.pngInserts a citation.
1741.pngChanges the colour of the text.
1742.pngInserts a hyperlink.
1743.pngInserts a text created in another editor.
1744.pngSelects the whole text.