- Using objecs and their labels
Filter1705.pngUsually, you can find some restrictions for the displayed data. Enter your restrictions and press the "Show", or "Search" button to apply it.
Click on the word "Filter" or on the +/- icon to hide/show the filter.
Tip1706.pngA TIP (a useful information) concerning the page. Click on this icon to show it.
Hint1706.png Hold the mouse pointer over this icon to see a short description/help.
Key1707.png A list of symbols, explanations, used abbreviations...
Error1708.png A message announcing an error.
Message1709.png An information, e.g., a successful change of data...
Tabs1710.gifYou can find the tabs usually above a table and they represent possible view styles and exports.
Print1711.png 1712.pngYou can find this object typically on the top and at the bottom of the page in a green stripe. If this icon is present, you can click on it to display a printable version of the page (without menus, filters...).
Selection1713.gif 1714.gif You can use these icons to select all/none, and invert your selection in tick boxes.