- Graduation
All users of SIS (including anonymous) can use the Graduation module.
In correspondence to the type of a user, settings of the module and a user's role, the module there can be the following functions of the module:
  • Anonymous user
  • Student
    • Time table of graduations
    • Date of graduation - displays the date of the student's graduating ceremonies with a list of participants
    • Date of matriculation - displays the date of the student's matriculating ceremonies with a list of participants
  • User
    • Time table of graduations every logged-in user can look at, according to the user's role, the user can be entitled to do the following operations:
    • Binding of participants for graduation dates - attaching and removing of selected persons as (main) deans and promoters according to grant 'bind' >=4 or 'admin_others' and rectors according to grant 'admin_others' for given room
    • Logging Rectors for graduation dates - a right granted by the rectorate administrator to rectors and deans. It enables them to confirm their participation on a graduating ceremony
    • Graduating groups - based on an exactly defined algorithm, it is possible to calculate, how many graduating groups a faculty needs for its ceremonies. An overview of the graduating groups generated this way is available, and it is impossible to reserve more dates in the given academic year than this list defines for a faculty and ceremony.
    • Capacity limits of rooms - assessment, editing and removing of limits for graduation rooms (min. and max. count of students) for given academic year and action type according to grant 'admin_others' for given room
    • Term settings - variable-in-time configuration of graduation/matriculation terms for given room according to grant 'admin_others'
    • Reservations - reservation of a room for a planned event - according to the settings for the academic year it is possible to plan, confirm and cancel events in the schedule of graduating ceremonies