- Calendar
Students can access their Calendar by clicking on this icon 2883.png in the Exam dates - Registration module
If applicable, the following event types will be displayed in the student's calendar for each day:
  • my schedule
  • my events
  • exam dates

A new window with a generated url will open for all selected events (select by ticking off My schedule and/or My events and/or Exam dates) after clicking the Download calendar link.
Two options will be available in the new window:
  • Download Exam dates only (when only the Exam dates option is selected)
  • Events from all selected sources - you can import an external calendar (using a url) with selected calendars to your personal calendar (e.g. only inserting Exam dates into your calendar) and, having changed your mind after a couple of months, you can allow/import all calendars to your academic calendar. Then the newly allowed sources will appear in the previously created calendar with pre-selected sources.

A file in the *.ics format can be downloaded at the address stated, which can then be copied to an external calendar.

Generate/ reset address - will reset current public calendar url and will generate a new one.
A confirmation is required before performing the action.