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The LLL courses module allows you to search for individual programmes of lifelong learning and view details of these programmes.

Searching is facilitated by the Filter. The following criteria can be used to filter the search results:
  • faculty - organizing faculty
  • part of university - workplace (e.g. the Registrar’s Office
  • year - academic year in which the course is taught
  • Programme specialization:
    • Internationally recognised course
    • LLL Programme – interest-oriented
    • LLL Programme – profession-oriented
    • LLL Programme – University of the Third Age
  • programme code
  • keywords - with an option to search in programme titles
  • Continuing education for healthcare workers
  • Only list programmes for which an online application can currently be submitted
The selection can be confirmed by clicking on the Show button.
The resultant table can be sorted by clicking on the appropriate arrow next to the column titles.
  • 1403.png - display Details of the selected action
  • Courses with variants for different years are marked by the 2366.png icon next to the programme code