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Excursion to Plastinarium Guben 22.4.2023 (9261)
Basic information
Excursion to Plastinarium Guben 22.4.2023
Variant code (CID): 9261
course in preparation
Orientation: Lifelong learning programme - Interest-oriented
Faculty: Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové
Dean's Office [15-800]
Educational excursion to Guben:
The purpose is to visit the exposition and production areas of Von Hagens plastination company, the authors of patent of plastination methods of biological tissues from certified body donors.
Excursion to Plastinarium Guben
Educational excursion to Plastinarium Guben 22/04/2023.
Student of the 2nd - 5th year of General Medicine (Czech language)
Student of the 1st - 4th year of Dentistry (Czech language)
Student of 1st - 5th year of General Medicine (English language)
Student of the 1st - 4th year of Dentistry (English language)
Filling out the electronic application in SIS.
Maximum capacity of 55 applications.

Schedule details
Statistics for the MEYS
Medicine (0912)
Course requirements and qualification acquired
nejsou stanoveny
Certification: Osvědčení o absolvování programu
Guarantor and venue
RNDr. René Endlicher, Ph.D.
Dean's Office
Dean's Office
Plastinárium Guben
Dates and duration
summer semester, April
14 (total number of hours)
Saturday - Saturday
Fees and financing
450 Kč / kurz
Zaplacení dopravy ve výši 450 Kč, vstupného 13 EUR, sjednání cestovního pojištění. Elektronickou přihlášku není třeba tisknout a posílat.

Transport 450 CZK
- the fee is non-refundable
- payment must be made by 9/4/2023
- applications for which payment is not received by 9/4/2023 will be discarded
Entrance fee 13 EUR.
Travel insurance (approx. 50 CZK / 2 EUR) is arranged by each participant separately.
There is no need to print and send the electronic application.
elektronické podání
Bc. Jana Petrová
495 816 486
Students may apply from 22. 3. 2023, 8:00 p.m. to 9.4.2023, 11:59 p.m. or until the capacity of the program is full.
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